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On this page there are links to view some of the interesting publications and documents that can be found in the 39 CER Museum and Archives.

Minor Soviet Tactics 

DGMEO Handbook Soviet Engineers 

Handbook on the Soviet Armed Forces  - Note this item is dated (1977) however, although  some newer equipment has been added, much of the training, ethos and doctrine remains the same. 
In order to make the document available on line, it has been compressed and divided into two parts.
Handbook on the Soviet Armed Forces Part A
Handbook on the Soviet Armed Forces Part B

The following articles from our archives may help to explain the failures of the Russian Army and the successes of Ukrainian forces. One may well ask: who has learned the best lessons?

Selected Military Notes
Arrow Diagramming of Battle Procedure

A recent article in the latest Canadian Army Journal explains current situation of Canada's Tanks.

Leopard Tank Replacement Project

A recent article published by the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) may be interesting to some readers. It helps explain the recent failure of the much vaunted Russian Army in its attemped conquest of Ukraine. See the financial complarisons of defense spending at:

defence spending