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A proud History

A Military Engineer unit has existed in North Vancouver since 1911. Known at various times as:
   6 Field Company Canadian Engineers;
   6 Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers;
   6 Field Squadron Royal Canadian Engineers;
   6 Field Squadron Canadian Military Engineers; and
   6 Engineer Squadron (a sub-unit of 39 Combat Engineer Regiment Royal Canadian Engineers)

The unit has a long history of service that includes two World Wars as well as service to the North Shore, the province and NATO/UN missions.

6 Field Engineer Squadron Museum Association's historian, LCol V.A. Larocque, has painstakingly gathered the unit's history into a written form that could be posted on the internet.

It is intended that this site will be a continuous process and Chapters will be posted as they are completed or supplemented. The available chapters are indicated by blue lettering.


1       The Founding of the Sixth
2       Getting Established
3       The Drill Hall is Built
4       Engineer Training Centres in North Vancouver and Vancouver BETA
5       At the Front 1914-1919
6       The Other 6th and the 12th 1915-1919 BETA
7       The 20s and 30s BETA
8       Mobilization 1939-1940 BETA
9       Building Camps 1940-1942 BETA
10     Training for War 1942-1944  BETA 
11     France 6 June to 30 September 1944 BETA
12     Belgium and Holland 1944-1945  BETA
13     Germany and War's End 1945-46 BETA
14     4 Field Park Squadron BETA
15     On the Home Front 1939-1946 BETA
16     7 FER and the Cold War 1946-1966 BETA
17     At Home and Abroad 1966-90 BETA
At Home and Abroad  1990 to 2010

Commanding Officers
Sergeant Majors
WW I Casualties
WW I   Decorations
WW II   Decorations

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