39 Combat Engineer Regiment Museum


6 ES archives contain many interesting items tracing its history from 1911 through to the present. This is a history of:

    6 Field Company CE
    6 Field Engineer Company RCE
    6 Field Engineer Squadron RCE
    6 Engineer Squadron

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Archives - Fighting Fraser Flood of 1948
Archives - Replacing Washed Out Capilano Bridge 1949
Archives - 1949 Winter Exercise
D-Day - Recollections of Lt Neil Mustard, 2 Platoon, 6 Field Company
D-Day - Notes and photos of D-Day and Normandy

WO 2 (Capt) Ted Thomas served in 6 Field Engineer Squadron from the late 1930s until after WW II. During his time overseas be kept a Journal from when the unit sailed for England until he was badly wounded in March, 1945. His journal is kept in the 39 CER Museum Library and contains many pieces of German and Allies memorabilia. Copies of his Journal can be viewed/downloaded using the links below:

  Thomas Journal Part 1   
  Thomas Journal Part 2  
  Thomas Journal Part 3   
  Thomas Journal Part 4 
  Thomas Journal Part 4A
  Thomas Journal Part 5     

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