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54 Engineer Squadron

The 54th Field Park Squadron, RCE originated in Vancouver, British Columbia on 5 June 1947, when the 54th Field Park Squadron, RCE was authorized to be formed.

On 31 December 1954 it amalgamated with 6th Field Squadron and for a period (1954 - 2008) was no longer active as a separate entity.

In the early 2000s 3 troop of 6 Field Engineer Squadron was based in Chilliwack. As part of the Land Force Reserve Restructure program, approval-in-principal was received to expand the troop into a squadron. The original concept was for it to be an independent squadron similar to the 6th and 44th. However, that was difficult as approval for a new unit had to be issued by NDHQ.

However, when 39 CER was approved the process became much simpler. As the approval for a sub-unit was now authorized from Edmonton, LCol Larocque (former CO of the 6th) and two NCOs were placed on Class B to work on the project. This included recruiting and finding a home for the new sub-unit. Naming the new sub-unit came about during a discussion between LCol Larocque and Hon LCol Bill Dow (at that time the HLCol of 6 Field Squadron).

It seems LCol Dow joined the 54th as a young officer when he first moved to Vancouver. The 54th was based at Jericho, along with the RHQ for 7FER. When the 54th became part of the 6th, LCol Dow and the other personnel from the 54th transferred to the 6th.

LCol Dow later went on to command the 6th and eventually became its Hon LCol.  HLCol Dow was keen to have the new squadron called the 54th. As the 6th would have to transfer people to form the new engineer sub-unit, it made sense to transfer them back to a reformed 54th.  There was a certain historical symmetry to it all (we could say that there was always some 54th DNA in the 6th).


  54 Engineer Squadron
  Col Roger Kenwood St. John Armoury

  5535 Korea Road
  Chilliwack, BC  V2R 5P2