39 CER Museum

39 Combat Engineer Museum is a progression from its predecessor, 6 Field Engineer Squadron Museum Association (6 FESMA) which was incorporated in August 2006 but has existed as a military collection since the 1970's.

6 FESMA continues to exist as a registered BC Society and is registered with Canada Revenue Agency as a charity. The 6 FESMA continues to be the custodian of hundreds of artifacts and archives and has been re-purposed to be the support organization for 39 CER Museum.

39 CER Museum is committed to:

  •     Fostering regimental pride and cohesiveness
  •     Expanding a museum presence to all regiment locations


The objective of 39 CER Museum is to preserve the heritage of the Royal Canadian Engineers and its predecessors in British Columbia by establishing and operating a military museum, to educate the general public, members of the Canadian Forces through lectures, discussions, workshops, visits, publications, research, and exhibits in real and electronic form, and to cooperate with other public and private organizations devoted to the same or similar purposes.

You can help support the museum through a tax deductible donation.

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39 CER Museum Home-Base at 6 Engineer Squadron, North Vancouver

The "Home Base" of 39 Combat Engineer Museum can be found in the Lt. Col. J.P. Fell Armoury in North Vancouver. Situated on the main floor of the armoury, the museum occupies two rooms totaling a little more than 800 square feet (75 square metres). The museum office and archives occupy the 1850's Royal Engineers cabin which is also located on the armoury grounds.

   Lt Col J.P. Fell Armoury
   1513 Forbes Avenue
   North Vancouver, BC V7M 2Y4

The North Vancouver museum was started by 6 Field Engineer Squadron Museum Association (6 FESMA) which was officially incorporated in 2007 after many years as an informal organization. The museum displays engineer photographs, books, maps, drawings, documents, equipment and regalia. The collection was amassed from personal donations and archived materials from WWI, WWII, UN peacekeeping and NATO missions.

The Museum is maintained by volunteers and funded through grants as well as corporate and personal donations. Although space is provided in the armoury no public funding (DND) is provided for acquisition of artifacts.

To meet our mission goals the museum is open to the public by appointment, on Armoury "Open House(s)" and on Remembrance Day when scores of visitors attend the museum to learn more of the unit's 100 plus years of history serving in WW 1, WW 2, NATO and UN operations. For other opening times for the museum see our ' HOURS'' page

In addition the museum stands ready to host visitor groups such as families, students and cadets that they may learn more of the unit's and the country's heritage of service in war and peace. We also have provided families of veterans with information regarding their loved one's past service.

The museum "Home Base" also supports displays and the Regiments other locations (Chilliwack, Trail and Cranbrook).

Note: 6 FESMA continues to own the artifacts and make them available to 39 CER Museum. 6 FESMA also has re-purposed itself as an official "Support Association" of 39 CER Museum.

We are in the process of writing a book on the 110 year history of 6 ES. Installments can be viewed on the internet 

See historical and accurate miniature dioramas of engineer work and armoury information  HERE

View a YouTube tour of the 6 ES Museum  HERE