39 Combat Engineer Regiment
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Photo Gallery
Police & Army Kamloops
Police & Army Kamloops
Royal Mons. RE Kamloops
Rough Seas
Air Warriors
Airshow Demo Team
Boats Ready
Delivering the Guns
HMCS Provider
HMCS Vancouver
Home Again
I Need A Rest
Lone Piper
PM at APEC97
Pres. South Korea APEC
Rappel Mt Slesse
Seaforth Whidbey Island
Signaler At Work
Terrorist Trg Vancouver
Terrorist Trg
Uber Meal in Field
USS Nimitz
12 Svc Bn Field Kitchen
12 Svs chef du jour
15 FD Band San Diego
15 Fd Prospect Pt Van
15 Fd Regt Victoria BC
15 Fd Regt Salute
Abbotsford B52
At Sea
HMCS Winnipg Arrives
Abbotsford Air Show
Hitching a Ride
Royal Engr Kamloops
15 FD Regt Guns
Goodbye Colin
Departing Victoria 1994