39 Canadian Brigade Group
Submitted by Colin Blackburn

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39 Combat Engineer Regiment
Photo Gallery
Anyone See The Rabbit
Assault Boats1
Assault Boats 2
Avoiding The Luggage Carousel
Cougar Salvo 90s
1 Cougar SALVO 90s 1
Cougar Salvo Kamloops
Don't Push
Engr 6ES w Boathook
Engr Boat Ops Kam
Engrs Launch Boat
Engr With Boathook
Female Cbt Soldier
FIBUA trg Ft Lewis
Hug My Rifle
I get The Window
I Hate Linups
I'm Not Lost
Infantry Advance
Infantry Yakima
Inf B&W
Inf MG
I Think We AreHere
Load Up
Meds US-CAN Ft Lewis WA
Napalm In Morning
NATO Norway Res Padre
OK So Far
Pointing The Way
RM Rang Focused
Sniper Wainwright
Soldier On a Wire
I See You
Waiting Fo rOrders
Want FriesToo?
What's The Movie
What Traffic Jam?
15 Fd 105mm Hwtzr
Uber Meal in Field
12 Svc Bn Field Kitchen
15 FD Band San Diego